“Our standards have inappropriately been lowered by our daily experience. We have to bring software engineering the kind of maturity we have in building bridges and buildings. We don’t expect buildings to fall down every day.”

Ken Jacobs, whilst Oracle’s Vice President of Product Strategy


I am an independent Information Technology professional with over 25 years of rich and varied experience. I believe in getting it right – the first time.

Software Development is an engineering discipline

I apologize at the outset to everyone who understands the above statement. Unfortunately it is not well understood in the business world. Software developers have themselves to blame for this. In the halcyon days, when they called almost all the shots, they portrayed it as a form of wizardry, a dark art.

This was easy to do as you can’t really “see” software under construction, in the way that you can see a bridge being built. Even prior to actual construction of a bridge a layman can understand design drawings and models. None of this is true for software.

Increasingly there is a reliance on new age gimmickry rather than solid best practices. As long as this continues we can expect our software “buildings” to fall down regularly, or not to ever get off the ground at all.

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